/ Evaluation board



The Evaluation board will be responsible for the assessment of innovative ideas. The applications will be ranked based on the evaluation of technical, innovation and commercial aspects. The members of the Evaluation board are listed below.

• Mr. Salvatore Castellano – Ovinto

• Dr. Philipp Berglez – TCA

• Mr. Kostiantin Volokh – NSAU

• Dr. Oleksiy Pogurelskyi – NAU

• Dr. Maksym Kolomytsev – NTUU „KPI“

• Prof. Sergiy Bunin – NTUU „KPI“

• Dr. Igor Trubarov – NTUU „KPI“

• Dr. Igor Vladymyrskyi – NTUU „KPI“

• Ms. Monica Pesce – VVA

• Mr. Marco Bolchi – VVA