The primary objective of the UKRAINE project is to create a broad acceptance of EGNSS in Ukraine, leading to increasing adoption of Galileo and EGNOS in this rapidly emerging market. The project aims to foster international cooperation in application development while simultaneously creating physical opportunities for knowledge building and commercial relationships.

The specific action steps comprise:
• preparation of the Ukrainian aviation market as the entry point of the extension of EGNOS – specifically addressing LPV procedures, GNSS signal monitoring and reinforcing systems integrity
• performing a study on amending the Ukrainian legal framework to facilitate compliance with European directives and regulations on EGNSS in transport
• generation of innovative solutions for tracking and tracing in multimodal logistics and transport of dangerous goods
• organizing business matchmaking opportunity events for Ukrainian and EU companies and representatives
• launching a contest for proposals for design and production of innovative EGNSS applications

A secondary objective is to create a roadmap to duplicate success in other markets - such as the Mediterranean and Africa - where EGNSS has relatively low penetration. Fundamental to this is the dissemination and communication campaign incorporated in the project.