/ Project structure



Work Package 1: Project management
The overall management of the project in all phases. READ MORE

Work Package 2: Legal framework update
A study on updating the Ukrainian legal framework to comply with key European directives and regulations on EGNSS in transport with the end objective of providing a recommended roadmap for legislative updates in the field of EGNSS applications. READ MORE

Work Package 3: Aviation
WP3 is devoted to preparing the Ukraine aviation market as the entry point of the extension of EGNOS specifically addressing PBN and LPV procedures, GNSS signal monitoring and providing a business and economic assessment. READ MORE

Work Package 4: Dangerous goods and multimodal logistics
WP4 will document the existing market and needs in Ukraine, develop new products and perform a pilot project with end users validating new developed products. READ MORE

Work Package 5: Business matchmaking
WP5 is devoted to the cross-promotion between the EU and Ukraine of space technologies and applications by creating networking and collaboration opportunities between relevant technology developers and local academia, incubators, research institutes and SMEs. READ MORE

Work Package 6: Dissemination and awareness
WP6 will comprise the communication and awareness activities of the UKRAINE project with the objective of raising awareness about the opportunities and benefits deriving from EGNSS and the outcomes of the project, as well as to engage potential users in various ways and obtain feedback. READ MORE