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Work Package 5: Business matchmaking

WP5 is devoted to the cross-promotion between the EU and Ukraine of space technologies and applications by creating networking and collaboration opportunities between relevant technology developers and local academia, incubators, research institutes and SMEs. The objective is to contribute to the diffusion of research results that will ideally be turned into innovation in Ukraine resulting in commercial relationships. The tasks in this Work Package are devoted to engagement and business matching.

The tasks are as follows:
1. Innovation ideas contest - KPI will oversee organization of a contest for development of EGNSS innovative ideas. The objective is to engage the local scientific and R&D community around the opportunities provided by EGNSS in general and by extension of EGNOS to Ukraine and generate innovation leading to startups. The contest will be open to students, entrepreneurs and SMEs with the projects being evaluated in 2 rounds by an advisory board made up of experts. Finalists will present their proposals at a free public event where three winners will be chosen. Selected finalists will be invited to Final Stage in the Sikorsky Challenge 2015 Festival of Innovation Projects to present to investors and business angels.
2. Industry and technology assessment - in order to identify business matching needs, a database will be created of key players in the areas of excellence in Ukraine in space technologies categorized by their core skills and solutions.
3. Business matchmaking workshops in Kiev - Utilizing the database created in the previous task, two business matchmaking workshops will be organized in Kiev. The first will involve EU key stakeholders and influencers and Ukrainian peers as participants and will be devoted to sharing information on the space technology and applications status both in the EU and in Ukraine and to identify concrete areas of collaboration and actions. The second will be focused on multinational and local companies in Ukraine. Both workshops will have several keynote speakers and will also allow ample time for networking opportunities.
4. Business matching workshop in Brussels - will be focused on business matchmaking activity in Brussels aimed at bringing forward the engagement and involvement initiated in the previous workshops. The key objective will be to discuss initial opportunities identified during the workshops in Kiev , how they are evolving and moving forward, identifying and addressing potential risks and challenges and further integrating the identified areas of collaboration and actions. The workshop foresees the involvement of approximately 10 keynote speakers from Ukraine to Final Stage in this interactive workshop and will also allow ample time for networking opportunities.