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Work Package 6: Dissemination and awareness

WP6 will comprise the communication and awareness activities of the UKRAINE project with the objective of raising awareness about the opportunities and benefits deriving from EGNSS and the outcomes of the project, as well as to engage potential users in various ways and obtain feedback.

The Work Package will consist of 6 tasks:
1. Production of a detailed plan for the dissemination and awareness campaign - will define the key activities, timing and roles, as well as the messages to be conveyed, in a comprehensive awareness campaign plan.
2. Set-up and update of the project webpage - which will feature news about achievements and outcomes as well as supporting matchmaking and the organization of the workshops. Deliverables will be posted as they become available. In addition to the website, appropriate social media channels will be created and utilized to share content.
3. Creation of printable content to be disseminated at events and online - that will illustrate the benefits of introducing EGNSS in Ukraine and describe outcomes of the project.
4. Production of press content - intended for publication in both GNSS and industry-specific media, both online and traditional.
5. Production of newsletters - will take place on a quarterly basis. Newsletters represent an important tool to update key stakeholders on the progress and outcomes of the project and to maintain their engagement.
6. Organization of events - in all WPs of the project. Planned events, as detailed previously, are 3 business matchmaking workshops, a workshop on Ovinto Monitoring solution for Dangerous Goods, a workshop on EGNOS and PBN implementation and landing procedures, and a final project conference. The final conference will include sessions on the update of the Ukrainian legislative framework, signal monitoring, and the Ovinto Monitoring solution for dangerous goods transport and multimodal logistics stakeholders.